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Famous Palmistry Specialist In Kolkata – Subrata Shastri, as a Palmist given some information regarding Palmistry which will help you all know about Palmistry. Palmistry Consultant Subrata Shastri Is having vast knowledge and Experience in Palmistry related Services, with his expertise he served alot of people who needed the guidance in their lives all around kolkata and india.

Indian Vedic palmistry is a science of hand reading that predicts the past present and future of human beings. There are two parts in palmistry. Chirognomy refers to the pads and mounts of the palm in judging the positive and negative traits and psychology of a person. Chiromancy refers to the marks and lines of the palm in analyzing the future events of the person. When the person does not know the details like his/her birth date and time, then astrology cannot help him/her to know his/her future. In such case, palmistry will be of immense help.

“There is nothing in the three worlds for knowledge besides the hand, which is given to man and which can be read like a book. “ HASTA SANJEEVANI ".

You can know your fate!

Palmistry has always been one of the most popular methods in predicting the future. The very fact that palmistry is now classified as a branch of science just goes to show that it does not just fall within the mysterious and unexplained. The right and left hands of the same person are different, too. Even skeptics would not find it hard to believe now that their past, present, and future are within their reach, imprinted on their palms.

Which hand should one consider?

One of the first questions people ask is: Which hand do you look at? Students of palmistry distinguish between the active and passive hand. A right-handed person's active hand will be his or her right hand; and the left hand is considered the passive hand. Similarly, a left-handed person's active hand is the left hand; and his or her passive hand is the right hand. Generally, the passive hand is read for inherited characteristics and potential. Look to the active hand for changes to these inherited traits.

The shape of the hand

As a general rule, when the lines and markings on the active and passive hands are quite different, it shows a person who has actively worked toward self-development. There are four general shapes of the hand, and these are related to the four elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Let’s categorize the hands on basis of their length and then discuss the kind of hand in detail…

When considering the length of the palm

When the vertical and horizontal measurements of the palm are approximately equal, it is considered a square palm. A long palm is when its vertical measurement is longer than the horizontal measurement. Fingers are considered long when the length of the middle finger is equal to or greater than three-quarters of the length (height) of the palm. Fingers are considered short when the length of the middle finger is less than three-quarters of the length of the palm.

Air Hands

Air Hands are characterized by a square palm, long fingers, and thin, clear lines. These are the hands of intellectual and sociable people. They are often restless and in need of change and stimulation, mostly of the mental kind. As lovers, these people look for mental support above all else.

Earth Hands

Earth Hands are characterized by a square palm, short fingers, strong or thick skin, and deep, clear, and straight lines. These are the hands of practical, down-to-earth people with strong vitality. They often have a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. As lovers, they are generally quite dependable and straightforward.

Fire Hands

Fire Hands are characterized by long palms, short fingers, plentiful and prominent lines, and firm, warm skin. These are the hands of risk-takers and action-oriented people. As lovers, they are positive and confident, willing to take the lead.

Water Hands

Water Hands are characterized by long palms, long fingers, plenty of fine lines that are not always clear, and soft, damp skin. These hands indicate a creative, emotional person. As lovers, they are sensitive, vulnerable, a little naive, and focused on caring and being cared for.

About the textures of hand

Smooth hands:

A person with a very calm and unruffled temperament has smooth hands. He will rarely lose his temper and maintains calmness in times of turmoil as well. Rough hands: To possess rough hands denotes the opposite of smooth hands. Their temper is uneven and easy to be roused. Such individuals usually are more coarse and earthy, and are more fascinated with the concrete than abstract ideas. They are hard workers.

Lined hands:

When the hands are networked with a large amount of fine lines, it reveals that the person is fretful, worrisome, and easily angered. Soft hands: To possess soft hands means he is a sloth. Though an individual may possess brilliant markings designing great talent, if the hand is very soft, they will find motivation difficult and perseverance even more so. These hands have a tendency for sensuality and immoral activities.

Firm hands:

Firm hands denote a great deal of energy and drive and an active nature. Those with firm hands will start many projects, often simultaneously, and possess the energy and will power to see them to their end. Hard hands: If the hands are hard but not springy, and instead bony and tough, the individual lacks energy and enthusiasm. In hard hands, there is no energy to begin with. It means a dispassionate, selfish, and potentially pessimistic nature.

Mixed texture:

Naturally, a hand may possess a combination of the above qualities, for it is possible to have a soft, smooth hand or a hard and rough hand. In such cases, the qualities add up to define the individual.

What is the colour of your palm?

Red color

Red colour of the palm indicates a great robustness. A red handed guy will be passionate, quick-tempered, and ardent. A red line will indicate much of the same, but it will be modified by the function of the line, i.e. a red line of life will indicate a vigorous, robust health coupled with an active nature, while a red line of heart will denote overflowing and heartfelt emotions. Black line denotes a trait of a person as grave, haughty, distant, and vengeful.

Yellow color

Yellow in the palm is the mark of the melancholy and morose character. Pink hue in the palm denotes a hopeful, sanguine, enthusiastic, and bright nature. One may consider it to be a less extreme manifestation of a red hand or line. This is the optimal color for any line in a healthy and well-adjusted person. White color denotes a lack of interest in the outside world and those with whom the bearer may associate. White hands are egotistical and lack sympathy towards others.

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