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Famous Color Therapy Specilaist In Kolkata – Subrata Shastri, as a specialist in Color Therapy Services given some information regarding Color Therapy which will help you all know little bit about Color Therapy. Astrologer Subrata Shastri Is having vast knowledge and Experience in Color Therapy Services, with his expertise he served alot of people who needed the guidance in their lives all around kolkata and india.

It is everyplace you look, and everyplace you don’t look. You enjoyment of its marvels consciously and sub-consciously. You see color all the time, however typically does one suppose its origins and effects? during a series of articles, we have a tendency to explore this subject any. during this initial article, we’ll review some basics of color medical aid and healing.

What is Color?

As most of you recognize, color is lightweight and energy. Color is visible as a result of it reflects, bends, and refracts through every kind of particles, molecules and objects. There square measure a spread of wavelengths that lightweight will be categorised, manufacturing differing types of sunshine. Visible wavelengths fall just about within the 390 to 750 nm vary and is understood because the spectrum. different wavelengths and frequencies square measure related to non-visible lightweight appreciate x-rays & ultraviolet rays. most of the people square measure tuned in to the results of non-visible lightweight, thus it is sensible that light would conjointly have an effect on U.S.A..

One example of the manner lightweight will have an effect on U.S.A. may be a delicate style of depression referred to as seasonal emotional disorder (SAD), that causes many folks suffering throughout winters.

An Introduction to Color Therapy

Color Therapy and healing (also referred to as chromotherapy or lightweight therapy) may be a variety of holistic healing that uses the spectrum of sunshine and color to have an effect on a person’s mood and physical or mental state. every color falls into a particular frequency and vibration, that several believe contribute to specific properties which will be accustomed have an effect on the energy and frequencies among our bodies.

While it's general knowledge that lightweight enters through our eyes, it’s vital to notice that lightweight can even enter through our skin. Given the distinctive frequencies and vibrations of varied colours, folks believe that sure colours coming into the body will activate hormones inflicting chemical reactions among the body, then influencing feeling and facultative the body to heal.

Colors square measure glorious to possess a sway on folks with brain disorders or folks with emotional troubles. let's say, the colour blue will have a chilled impact which may then end in lower pressure, whereas the colour red might need the other impact. inexperienced is another color that will be accustomed relax people that square measure showing emotion unbalanced. Yellow, on the opposite hand, could also be accustomed facilitate invigorate people that can be laid low with depression.

Alternative therapies conjointly believe that a person’s aura contains completely different layers of sunshine which may be used for cleansing and reconciliation. Knowing the colours in your aura will assist you higher perceive your spirit, and so assist you higher perceive a way to heal. to boot, the colours close you'll even have varied effects.

A Brief History of Color Therapy

It’s no mystery that the sun and its supply of sunshine (or lack thereof), will have a profound impact on U.S.A.. Thousands of years past, some countries began exploring color and its healing capabilities. Egypt, Balkan country and China square measure glorious for his or her forays into color healing and medical aid. a number of examples include:

  • Painting rooms completely different colours with the hopes of treating sure conditions.
  • Utilizing colours in nature in their surroundings (blue from skies, inexperienced from grass, etc.)
  • Healing rooms that utilised crystals to interrupt up daylight shining through.

Important colours to be used in Color Therapy


This is the foremost basic color of beat healing. it's the colour that you usually use initial and last. irrespective of what you're ill , set out associated end with an application of inexperienced. it's the safest color of all to use. it's a color which may be applied everywhere yourself or it will be focused on to anybody a part of the body. The inexperienced ought to be taken from the center of the colour spectrum, neither too blue nor too yellow. you must have some variety of a color lamp which is able to opened up the sunshine so it will be vie everywhere the front and also the back for 10 minutes. This inexperienced is that the nice color of balance, that harmonizes the flow of prana or universal vitality, throughout the psychic centres. It operates, as do all different colours, first of all on the aura, the reflection of that reacts upon the bod.

To apply you want to be relaxed whereas the inexperienced lightweight bathes the full front of the body for 5 minutes and also the back for 5 minutes. Then you'll begin exploitation different colours.



Yellow is that the color that signifies knowledge. Any mental retardation, irrespective of however it shows itself, are going to be mitigated by the utilization of yellow if focused on to tiny areas of the body. A targeted beam of traffic signal concerning the scale of a ball applied at the bottom and at the front of the neck, has been found terribly valuable for all cases of nervous conditions and for all cases wherever some mental blockage or different shows itself. The mental blockage could also be brought on by dangerous circulation that caused the brain cells to be starved of humour and blood. it's going to be caused by incorrect respiratory, that brings concerning mental deterioration a lot of quickly than the rest or it's going to be the results of a breakdown or severe nervous strain. within the latter case it may not be thought of a mental blockage, however rather – mental temporary state.

Yellow is that the color which is able to relieve this kind of condition. the traditional time of application is twelve minutes altogether, so if it's applied over the front and back of the pinnacle, and also the front and back of the neck in targeted kind, it ought to last for 3 minutes on every place on the blank skin. women ought to take away their make-up before color healing because the pigments square measure susceptible to mirror the colour rays that square measure extraordinarily refined in nature.



This is a noteworthy color which may incline to the spleen, liver, kidneys, heart and so to any organ that helps to push smart circulation. the whole time for application is ten minutes. Apply a bright orange vibration in targeted kind to the spleen if you're suffering with low circulatory hassle, however not if you suffer with high pressure. All the inner organs appreciate liver, kidneys, bowels will be stirred up by this color. The a lot of targeted it's the simpler it'll be. Your color equipment ought to be adequate to concentrate a beam of sunshine right down to concerning the scale of a ball. Such a targeted beam of orange vibration vie for four minutes on the spleen doubly per week can facilitate those with low circulatory hassle. This color can facilitate to stimulate the center if targeted over this place or so the other organ that desires stimulation. Orange is that the nice doer and if given in conjunction with religious Healing and different types of natural treatments it will typically supplement them and act as a trigger.

Do not offer orange on the forehead of anyone UN agency is very nervous. If you or your patient suffers from brain fatigue but, orange will be given on the rear of the neck, however not longer than four minutes.



Bright crimson red is even a tougher stimulator than orange. this could not incline to anyone on the pinnacle. however if very focused on to rheumatic joints it'll be useful. you'll apply the red to the legs, knees or ankles for 10 or fifteen minutes. If the rheumatic conditions square measure high within the shoulders, i might counsel associate application for under 5 minutes at a time. Place your lamp in such the simplest way that the beam are going to be projected on to the rear or front of the shoulder and not stumble upon the shoulder on to the pinnacle. albeit it will shine on the pinnacle it's not harmful in any manner, however it's best to avoid this.

As the lightweight frequencies of red square measure slow and extremely long, they need high penetrating properties, so will be accustomed stimulate the aura (and physical body) to such associate extent that circulatory blockages will be cleared.

Regarding infra-red this can also be used terribly with success. associate infra-red lamp is predicated on an equivalent principle as a standard red color lamp except that the terribly potent infra-red rays act directly upon the physical by inflicting nice heat. Infra-red is way a lot of dangerous to use than the colour red and may not incline for extended than fifteen minutes on any a part of the body. Infra-red rays shouldn't incline over the fruitful organs of a person or a lady, neither ought to they incline for over 2 minutes over the liver, kidneys or bladder, as a result of they'll cause some injury. don't below any account offer infra-red rays to the pinnacle, by no means the eyes. If you're exploitation infra-red then strictly adjust your doctor’s recommendations. the colour red will be given over the liver, kidneys or bladder for 3 minutes with none hurt no matter.

Keep the colour red removed from the pinnacle of the patient UN agency has had a breakdown or UN agency is very set up in any manner.



The effective shade may be a deep rich primary blue and this will be applied from the highest of the pinnacle to the feet of most sufferers. If the grievance is high pressure, any quite breakdown, nervous tension in anybody of its forms, blue applied for 10 minutes will be useful. On the opposite hand, if you suffer from a chilly or respiratory disease, use orange modify preference to blue as a result of you'll discover, particularly if {you square measure|you're} sensitive that you simply are susceptible to get physically cold below the applying of a blue lightweight. this can be caused as a result of the high vibrations square measure short and fast and that they manifest as cold instead of heat. From this you'll see that orange and red turn out heat and square measure so necessary in cases of low temperature; blue produces coldness and is so necessary in cases of extreme temperature. Blue causes most of the people to relax. associate application of blue color vibrations also will facilitate folks to sleep that suffer with delicate sleep disorder. For a lot of severe cases an occasional electrical power navy lightweight within the sleeping room has, before now, proved useful.



Violet will be used everywhere the body, however to use it not up to the hips would be a waste of those terrific vibrations, that square measure of high religious content. thus so I counsel that violet lightweight is confined principally to the forehead, the rear and front of the pinnacle, the rear and front of the neck and in targeted kind over the center and between the shoulder blades for a complete time of fifteen minutes. Violet tends to bring nice relaxation and conjointly like blue, will typically be felt as waves of coldness. It doesn't stimulate basic circulation, however it will stimulate the flow of the a lot of refined energies throughout the psychic centres and also the systema nervosum. owing to this it's particularly useful once used on the forehead and neck.




All color treatments ought to begin and finish with inexperienced for 10 minutes when. Bathe yourself or patient with a inexperienced lightweight front and back for 5 minutes either side. currently this can tend to balance any imbalance which can are led to through the stimulation of red or the a lot of refined stimulations of the blues. As inexperienced is that the nice balancer and harmonizer it causes many folks to become terribly relaxed. It tends to counteract refined energies that have designed up in one nerve ganglia and inflicting starvation of another nerve ganglia. begin your treatment with associate application of inexperienced associated forever end with an application of inexperienced.

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