• You may feel an emotional need for material security during 2019. You are likely to review your domestic finances, monthly budget, sources of income and expenses.
  • You may feel more hunger to make money than usual, and a desire to be extravagant. You may feel like spending money on this and that. The range will be from housekeeping money to vehicles to funding for projects and ventures.
  • You’re virtually willing to go out on a limb to do things for those who matter to you — siblings, children and dependents. It makes the domestic scene comfortable, happy, relaxed, and there is mutual give and take with the people you care for.
  • This is a time to revive your sense of security. Family and personal matters take priority over worldly affairs just now. A willingness to listen to others will surely help a major chunk of your problems right now.


You are becoming more selective about how you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. There will be strengthening of ties with a special friend or group. You may want to seek help of experienced/authority figures or parents and they help you in deciding what’s good for you and what’s not. Life decisions taken now will bring benefits in long term and any initiative taken now would result in a huge success in years to come.
There will be sudden developments or surprises in your romantic life. Casual love affairs that have grown stale may be left behind now. You may also attract unusual romances or romantic partners into your life. But all temporary things are bound to be left behind and this is for your own benefit.

You now tap your feet and sing your favorite melody as you not only celebrate your relation with your friends and kin but also cherish the lovable memories of past which you treasure a lot. You now learn to love unconditionally and irrevocably; no complaints and no demands. You just love for the sake of love! You quickly move forward now as luck is with you in both financial and romantic matters. Dreams come true with your renewed charm and charisma.

There may be new sources of income by long distance travel or by reaching a wider audience (or customers). So the best investment would be in knowledge and education and the returns would be in the form of higher confidence, faith in oneself and possibilities in life. You have a tendency to become more intellectually curious, and educational matters go well. You are open to learning, particularly from unexpected (or uncommon) places and people.

Now this type of learning may have a “mystical or spiritual” impact on you, and at times you may feel puzzled about everything. But as time passes by, you’ll realize that this was best thing that could’ve happen to you. Progress by leaps and bounds in business is to be expected through connection with foreigners and acquaintances. The hilarious part here is that it all comes by itself, intuitively. Yeah, sometimes things just happen.

Your personality and spirit both experience positive vibes as you look at your jovial side and cultivate it gracefully. For you it’s a time for living interaction, tenderness, concern and high moral values. You simply make things good, if not wonderful. Your desire to craft, and to exhibit your flair also helps you to discover your hidden aspects. Attempt and achieve, blossom your way!

Grand plans are embarked upon now and yield expected returns and even better in some cases. You even get appreciation and support from your friends and foes alike. The trend that you follow now is both revolutionary and path-breaking. You are on a high at health and energy and work tirelessly for digging up stunning results.

Channelizing your wisdom in the right direction and your resources in the way can lead you to immense success and satisfaction. You are now enabled to revitalize your true potential by means of introspection and contemplation. Your instincts bring you closer to your dear one and you can actually feel his/her vibes. You may get captured in a wonderful trance giving you an aura of satisfaction and happiness.


Love is passionate and transforming during year 2019, as you learn to adjust to the changing needs of your relationship. The knowledge and experience that we discussed above may also come through a close partner/lover who is likely to be full of energy and positive attitude. This understanding of things will help you to achieve deeper levels of closeness, intimacy and possibly sexual appeal. You may now tend to treat sex like a sport or a recreational activity. Love, however, is not a fun activity and you are required to be a bit more patient and compassionate to your lover. If you’re single, you’re likely to meet someone who is passionate about everything, but remember that you’ll need to take that first move.

Misunderstandings and doubts may silently creep into your relationships. Married people shouldn’t leave the matters of doubts and suspicion unattended. Your negligence may leave the marks of suspicion even firmer causing a long term problem for your relationship. Financial instabilities may create problems in your relationship. Try to be patient and deal with the matter intelligently and work upon it as soon as possible.

Those who are still single and planning to get married should try to limit their doubts about the people they meet for the purpose of alliance. Your tendency to doubt people may leave you left out. You have a tendency of possessiveness about your partner. It is important for you to understand that every person has its own space and no one should intrude in the private of the other person, not even your partner.

You’ll be confident, determined and comfortable in dealing with new people as well as getting rid of stale relationships. You are becoming more selective about how you spend your time and with whom you spend your time. As you are reviewing relationships, you may tend to become less approachable. Hence, pressure of responsibilities/duties may mount up and friendships/relationships may be strained. Be practical and agile in your approach. There will be strengthening of ties with a special friend or group. Casual love affairs that have grown stale may be left behind now. You may also attract unusual romances or romantic partners into your life. But all temporary things are bound to be left behind and this is for your own benefit.


Luck is on your side. There are strong indications of financial growth. You will achieve success in whatever you go for. Your professional life will reach new heights and your career will see a big leap. Stay focused upon your goals as they will be accomplished very soon. Your seniors and employers will be very happy with your work. You may even seek their help and advice to your benefits. There are bright possibilities of a sudden increment in your earnings.

Your financial position is going to strengthen and you are able to make good savings for your future. Investments get you huge benefits however unnecessary risks are avoidable. Speaking generally, if you analyze prospects carefully before taking key decisions then you are able to create a stable and a solid position for yourself. You get good opportunities on short term as well as on long term fronts.

The time is good especially for people in the fields of travel, education and communication. There are high possibilities of financial benefits from long tours or from reaching out crowd, may be your consumers. Students have a bright future ahead, they are likely to succeed in which they are preparing. People in business will get success however it will come to you in installments. You are likely to get benefitted from your foreign associates or some other connections.

Though the time is good for you but you will have to work hard in order to get success. Your lightheartedness at work place may put you in troubles. You might face numerous problems in your way and failures as well, but your attempts to get over them will get you to success and recognition, especially among your seniors at work place. And in this entire process you will come out with honed skills of leadership.

If you have been waiting for a better time to execute a major plan, now is the time to go ahead. Any work started now will get you success and great financial results, even better than what you expected to come out. You actions will be praised by everyone at you workplace including your critics and support from friends will prove beneficial for you. You will go for unconventional methods to accomplish the task assigned to you and this will set a new standard for your work.

You will be on a relentless drive to gain success and your actions will definitely bore fruits for you. You will be able to hold on to several projects to channelize your potential and energy, and your success will give you enormous pleasure. Deep thinking will rejuvenate your hidden potential. The time is auspicious for making investments. Joint possessions may get you good financial results this year.