• Wealth is not the only factor that you attract during year 2019 but also the reputation that your proficiency in work gets you.
  • Your inner strength is peaking, so it’s a good time to learn new ideas, philosophies, travel in thirst of knowledge, spend time with teachers and heal problems and diseases.
  • Interpersonal relationships make for pleasant times, stimulating conversations, socializing, wining and dining.
  • You may have to scout around for new resources and may discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.
  • Important year for kids and dependents. Couples can expect good news.


During 2019 you’ll be working on solidifying your identity and embark on important changes to your psyche and personality. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate at various occasions. There could be delays and slowdowns in areas of health, mobility, and career. Your career may take a new turn this year and you might discover a “talent” inside yourself.

Home, family and domestic concerns will demand your attention. There will be some solid positive changes at your home/emotions/beliefs front and you’ll feel good about it. You are now making some life-changing personal and emotional decisions and developments. In some cases, these changes will thrown upon you, forced upon you or you may not have a choice in the matter. But anyway you’re preparing a solid foundation for future and remember that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

You now have effective and unstoppable determination to achieve self- development and self-gratification. Opulence and magnificence seems inevitable as the hard work that you have put in is working for your benefits and gains. You are now equally appreciated for your contributions and work by your colleagues and enemies. Avoid confrontations with elders and powerful figures/bosses, keep your ego aside and your attitude should be – “What can I learn from this person/situation?”.

There will be heavy flow (both inwards and outwards) of money. You are advised to keep a strong check on your expenses. You’ll be confident and enthusiastic about everything you do and their might be a tendency to overdo (read greed) and this may result in obvious health hazards. You are likely to feel extra positive and excited about your capability to make money, and you may decide to hone your talents which will prove beneficial in long run.

Your income is likely to increase, and there may be an opportunity to improve your future financial situation. You’ll be able to clear up most of your debts and add a lot more to your personal wealth. An excellent time to deal with financial matters like buying/selling or raising funds for your projects. Your empathy and ethics are appreciated by everyone. Just remember that attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

The world makes demands on you in several ways which brings you a sense of responsibility but at the same time it causes some perplexity and qualms. There sense an urge to clean-up and re-organize things in order now. Extravagance also worries you as you are unable to put your expenses in line with your income.

Your romance reaches new heights and you learn to accept the differences and love unconditionally now. Your love is unaffected by the social evils of caste and class and you are both excited and anxious regarding this new relationship that is in the making. You have to bear the consequences of your actions so act responsibly and wisely. You now want to remain unperturbed by the complexities of emotions and enjoy all the worldly pleasures with your significant one.

You are unstoppable now and move ahead determinedly, as all your steps seem to be taking you to your coveted position in the society. Keep yourself level headed so that nothing comes in your way to success. Get rid of all your fears and face life head on. Take up new challenge and direct your obsession and desires in the right direction. Take up calculated risks and gather up much more resources and facilitation of existing skills to achieve victory.


A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may dominate the early stages of this year. You now realize importance of home and family in your life. Your attention to family needs and letting go of any delusions around relationships will pay off as the energies shift and you realize the value of your home environment and the love, support and happiness that it gives you. You’ll tend to see relationships from a different (actual) perspective and you feel good about it.

Those who are still single might get to meet their perfect right and you should be prepared for this meet completely. Minor impediments may arise while going into a new relationship however your commitment towards your partner shall dissolve all your problems.

Does love follows money? It surely does this year. You now have that charm and style that surely attracts attention of the opposite sex. Wherever you go and whatever you do, there will be success and expansion in wealth, power and prestige. And you are inclined to spend a buck or two to create an instant impression. You are now excited about everything that life can offer and want to grab it all. Avoid over indulgence and keep a check on unnecessary expenses. Expect gains through love and relationships.

Towards the end of the year, you’ll have a much more serious tone towards love matters. Some of you may want a long lasting relationship and drain out temporary/useless relationships and others could meet a more mature or serious romantic partner.


Confidence will bubble from within about everything that you pursue. There are bright possibilities of an increment or a promotion or a stable financial position for the coming years. This is the best phase to go ahead with money matters such as lifting up funds for future deals, or retailing of properties. You will gain more than expected profits in your business deals.

You will have to face a lot of troubles financially, not because of loss or shortage of money but due to excessive expenditures. Money will come to you as well as it will move out of your hands. Keeping a strong check over your tendency of profligacy is crucially necessary. You possess tremendous potential to be in the black and this is the time you sharpen your skills for a brighter future. Your financial position is expected to improvise and you will be able to give off your older dues.

Any decision made in haste can get you loss of image. Also you enemies might attempt to spoil your image so take wise actions. Some of you actions will bore fruits and will take you on the path of success. You always intend to be the centre of attraction and this tendency of yours will take you on odd ways and you will find unconventional means of earning money.

Keep observant eyes upon things happening around you. Your negligence can make you lose some major opportunities in career. There are indications of some legal controversies. Those in business should think wisely before going for new deals. An advice given by an experienced or elderly person from your field will come out to be beneficial for you. Do not leave any work undone.