• You are now emotional and more sensitive towards your job, health and daily routine. Pleasing fallout comes to you, as you realize that you can concentrate better on the many activities that are clamoring for your attention.
  •  Money/finances are now your primary concern. You will need funds/investment for your own projects/people. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.
  • You are not as outgoing, preferring to analyze and sort out your life’s circumstances. You realize that this way gets better results. Always remember that you can only solve life’s problems if you meet them head-on.
  • There is freshness in your love relationships. Your feelings are stirred and you now feel more intimate to your beloved. Romance inspires you to lovingly recognize the weaknesses in your partner, and to not only not hold this or use this against them, but to instead make adjustments and compensations in your own consciousness to allow these character weaknesses to be developed over time.
  • Domestic life takes over your attention as you might tend to be insecure and anxious towards your dependents including your girlfriend/boyfriend and even children.


There is harmony all around still your personal happiness would be constantly challenged over issues of failures/mistakes. You may be seeking isolation already and busy finding out “the right way”. You may be inclined to spirituality and healing. There will be significant changes in your lifestyle, and that will be your real success this year. Sometimes getting liberated out of attachments, and probing and dumping unreasonable habits and practices is painful but required for further growth and maturity.

You are likely to sort through the junk, the burden and keep only those things/people that you truly need. Health issues as a result of over thinking and depression may come up, but will disappear themselves by the end of the year. You may be inclined towards more unconventional jobs and work even at odd hours. You may tend to overrule and ignore society and make your own rules.

Some of you may feel crashed and drained as your moral values are discarded by everyone and you have to face failure in everything you try. Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents so face them with courage. There are many lies, frauds and refusals that you now come across. But remember, NO just means NEXT OPPORTUNITY, so spread out and grow!

A liaison of both passionate and loving would give you an enriching experience and you would enjoy every moment. This is a truly wonderful time for sales or deals, new contracts, tie-ups and partnership issues. It’s a fine time for laying your hands on something new and different and excel in them. Always remember that life is a celebration for those who live in the right spirit.

Get deeper in your soul and find your essence. Expand the self-made precincts and cross all the thresholds. It’s a perfect time for self introspection, expression of deep rooted emotions and achieving self gratification. Some of you may also experience a telepathic or intuitive bond with some near and dear one. In the case of any inner commotion it is the time to listen to your instincts.


There is harmony all around still your personal happiness would be constantly challenged over issues of failures/mistakes. You may be seeking isolation already and busy finding out “the right way”. The relationships that you forge this year are likely to have mystical/secret elements; perhaps you are not prepared yet to bring them face to face with the world. You are likely to sort through the junk, the burden and keep only those things/people that you truly need. This is the time when you seek a transformed feeling of safety and peace in all your close relationships and you tend to influence everyone with your renewed lifestyle and expressions.

Make your of your inner senses to discover peace and calmness within you in order to avoid misapprehensions. This is a good time for singles as well especially the first six months of the year. There are bright chances that you would meet someone special this year.

You now realize that your relationships be based on solid foundations of personal freedom and stable career. As such you’ll find yourself busy in worldly affairs and may not be able to shower enough care and attentions to your loved ones. You’ll further want to focus only on professional relationships and especially associations that matter the most and last long. While your life goes smooth this year, that may not be a case with your partner due to your own changing lifestyle and social circle. He/she may need your support and you both need to be practical and flexible. Why not involve your mates and companions in your endeavors and receive their valuable suggestions. This way you stay close to them and simultaneously progress in your endeavors.


The year 2019 will get you mixed results. You may feel discontent as your work is being praised and recognized.

This year has many things to gift to you. This is the perfect time for you to hone your skills and to bring your previous projects to an end. Luck is on your side and your work will get you recognition among people. There are high chances of promotions with appraisals and increments. Your career will reach to new heights. Even the business men will find their business flourishing. Students preparing for competitive exams will surely gain success.

Many of the influential personalities and decision makers will appraise you for your work. You will be able to fulfill the expectations of your seniors and come out with flying colors. People who wished to work upon their earnest desires projects will get a chance to accomplish their dreams. Do not get deviated by your success and concentrate upon your targets. You might get increments and there is high probability of a stable and better financial position.

If you are planning to start a new project then make sure you have assessed all pros and cons. Unconventional means of earnings attract your attention. You may even have to work at odd hours of the day. You face adversities at workplace however these adversities will help to unfurl your hidden talents. There are chances of being scammed therefore precaution is better than cure.

This is going to be a great time for you if you intend for entering new business alliances, buy or sell properties, or for new tie ups. However wait for some time and do not put your hand into any new work for now. Any work initiated without contemplation may not reach to completion or several controversies may arise in its completion. You need to break down the walls that you have created around yourself in order to expand your potential and move on upon the path of success.

This is completely upon you to move forth, however it is advised to you to make slow and steady steps in order to create a huge empire for yourself. Many of you will feel like your perception and position in market have improvised. There are indications that your earnings will increase this year and you will be able to discover some unusual ways of earning money.